Institute of Appropriate Technology (IAT):

  The Institute of Appropriate Technology was established in the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) to   cater the need for an Institution to conduct postgraduate academic program in specialized fields and to support development of national indigenous capability in selection, generation and dissemination of technologies appropriate to the national development objectives of Bangladesh. 


The objectives of IAT are:

(i) to conduct postgraduate academic program in specialized fields
(ii) to initiate, promote and conduct research on technology policies, technology assessment, technology transfer, technology development and  technology dissemination.
(iii) to develop training Programs related to technology assessment, transfer, development, and dissemination.
(iv) to establish collaborative linkage with institutions engaged in similar objectives.
(v) to disseminate information for the effective use to technology for national development.
(vi) to provide advisory services, on matters related to technology and development. 

In the light of the above objectives, various activities of the Institute are conducted under the framework of a composite Work Plan consisting of the followings: 

(a) Teaching: Postgraduate Program List of selected candidates for admission into program of M. Sc. in MOT
(b) Research and Development Activities
(c) Short Course/Training 

(d) Workshop/Seminar 
(e) Advisory Function and Networking. 

The cliental groups of the Institute include, policy makers; planners technologist; financiers; entrepreneurs of Government. Non-Government and private organizations.

1.1 Teaching Postgraduate Program

The Institute of Appropriate Technology, BUET has launched a postgraduate program on Management of Technology (M.Sc. in Management of Technology). The 1st intake will be in October semester, 2009

The faculty members of the Institute according to their individual discipline and expertise teach in other departments/institute of BUET and also in organizations outside BUET.

1.2  Research and Development Activities

The research and development function of the institute covers, interalia, the areas of Policy Research, Technology Assessment, Resource Assessment & Technology Development, and Technology Transfer & Dissemination. One of the main objectives of the institute is to assist the government in policy planning with respect to technology. In doing so, the areas which require priority attention for policy planning and implementation decision-making are chosen for research purposes. 

1.3 Short Course/Training

It is well recognized that successful generation and application of technologies for national development require co-coordinated actions of different organizations (e.g. government, public sector, non-government) involved in planning, programming, project formulation, project management, research, monitoring and evaluation. With the advancement of technology there is a need to strengthen and update the knowledge base of the personnel of above mentioned organizations through specially designed short courses.

IAT short courses are designed and organized to provide an opportunity to the participants to update and expand the knowledge base on different issues related to technology and development which will ultimately help in developing national indigenous capabilities in selection, generation and dissemination of technologies appropriate to national development objectives. The specific objectives of the short courses are:

(a)  to create awareness among the planners, managers, administrators, bankers, researchers etc. about different aspects of technology and to equip them with various tools and techniques of technology planning, assessment, diffusion and forecasting etc.;

(b)  to focus interlinking of various agencies in the process of technology based development;

(c)  to focus the need of local R&D;

(d)  to develop technological manpower.

Training Workshop on Quality Management and Quality Assurance System in Light Engineering Sector, 08-13 Dec., 2009     Application

1.4  Workshops/Seminars

Workshops/Seminars organized by IAT are on the subject areas of research program as well as on topics which might be relevant for the technological development of the country. The objectives of the Workshops/Seminars are:

(a)  to identify priority areas for policy decisions;

(b)  to exchange ideas with the concerned people working in similar fields;

(c)  to identify mode of training for dissemination and implementation of research output;

(d)  to develop technological manpower;

(e)  to identify issues for future research.

1.5  Advisory Function and Networking

On the basis of cumulative research experiences IAT researchers responds to the request of different organizations (government, private, non-government) to provide advisory services. The institute also provides consultancy services on request within the framework of the University rules and procedures.

The Institute has multidisciplinary faculty members, both from engineering and social sciences. Total full time faculty strength of the Institute is 10. 

Faculty Members:
Faculty Designation E-mail
Dr. M. Kamal Uddin 

  Professor & Director

Dr. M. Nurul Islam Professor
M. Abdullah  (On Leave)

Assistant Professor     

     Telephone: 880-2-9662365
     Fax: 880-0-8613026